Symon Kariuki

I am from Kenya and I obtained a degree in Nursing Sciences from the University of Nairobi in Kenya, MSc in Clinical Neurosciences of Epilepsy from Kings College London in the UK, and a DPhil in Neuropsychiatric epidemiology from the University of Oxford in the UK. I have a broad interest in the epidemiology of neurological and mental disorders in people living in sub-Saharan Africa, including their genetic susceptibility to these disorders. I am currently working on neurodevelopmental disorders such as behavioral and emotional problems in young children, examining their association with seizure disorders. In five years I hope to (i) lead a research group working on genetics of neurological and mental disorders and (ii) be a faculty member of a leading teaching university from where I can mentor young African re- searchers interested in Neuro-genetics. I enjoy reading autobiographies and memoirs when not working on my primary research.