Engida Girma Gebeso – Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

I was born and raised in Zeway, Ethiopia. I attended Addis Ababa University for my Doctor of Medicine and specialty certificate in Psychiatry. Currently, I am assistant professor of Psychiatry and a newly admitted Ph.D. candidate in mental health epidemiology at AAU. My main research involvement has been leading an innovative project aimed at integrating mental and reproductive health in refugee settings in Ethiopia. I am currently examining the psychometric properties of the Life Events Checklist–5 in Ethiopia. As part of my Ph.D., I plan to study the construct, epidemiology, medical and psychiatric outcomes, and trans-generational impacts of adverse childhood experiences in Ethiopia. I also plan to deepen my investigation into exploring interpersonal neurobiology, genetics and epigenetic basis of psychological trauma and its sequelae. In addition to general psychiatry, I teach trauma and dissociative disorders for medical students and residents. My clinical practice focuses on people with trauma, stress, and dissociation. In my leisure time, I enjoy hanging out with my wife, playing with my daughter and reading books.