Emmanuel Mwesiga

I am from the “Pearl of Africa”: Uganda! After receiving a postgraduate degree in Psychiatry, I was offered a lecturing position in the department of Psychiatry at Makerere University. Currently, however, I am a doctoral student at the University of Cape Town. I am studying the role of genetic and environmental predictors on presentation and assessment for cognitive impairment among patients with a first episode of psychosis in an African population. This work is nested in the Neuropsychiatric genetics of African Psychosis (NeuroGAP) which aims to better understand the genetic cytoarchitecture of psychosis in African populations. NeuroGAP ties in closely with my research interests, which include description of psychiatric illness (phenomenology) using neurosciences. I also have great interest in early intervention psychiatry. In five years I hope to have developed a cohort of participants with early onset psychosis that I will be following and describing using various neuroscience techniques. This work will surely keep me busy in the near future but I still hope to have time for family, soccer and drinks with friends.