Celia Van Der Merwe

I attended Stellenbosch University in Cape Town for my undergrad (BSc Human Life Sciences), Honours (BScHons Medical Physiology), Masters (MSc Human Genetics) and PhD (MSc Human Genetics) degrees. My research focused on the genetic etiology of Parkinson’s disease, with specific interest in various aspects of mitochondrial structure and function, as well as copy number variation in South African Parkinson’s disease patients. I currently hold a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Cape Town, where my research involves the genetics of neuropsychiatric disorders, particularly Ge- nome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) in schizophrenia, pathway analysis, and signatures of selection. I am interested in the complexity of these diseases, and the current methodologies available to pry out significantly associated variants. In five years, I would like to have achieved a research rating from the National Research Foundation and have a lectureship position at a South African university teaching young students about the field of neurogenetics. Other than research, my interests include reading books and watching the adapted films, having a glass of wine during a braai with friends, and spending time with my husband and my cats.