Abigiya Tilahun

I was born and raised in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. I received my BSc degree in Public health from Mada Walabu University, Ethiopia and my Master of Public Health in Epidemiology from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. My research interest is in mental health epidemiology, particularly within genetics. I am highly motived to increase my knowledge in this area and to continue to develop my profession so that I can share knowledge with the next generation through publications, presentations and seminars. I am currently working on a project entitled “Depression and psycho social therapy among breast cancer patients in Addis Ababa Ethiopia” and I also plan to conduct research on the “effect of psychosocial therapy on breast cancer survival”. In the near future, I would like to conduct research on genetic risk factors of common mental disorders in Ethiopia and contribute to this body of evidence. I enjoy listening to spiritual songs and watching funny movies in my free time.